It’s all about networking…

It’s all about networking…

Hi everyone,

My name is Melissa Caruso and I am currently in my second semester of Occupational Health and Safety Management. I completed my undergrad in Human Kinetics (Honours Kinesiology Movement Science) at the University of Windsor.  I was like most students and didn’t know what I wanted to do after I graduated. I looked into a few masters programs but didn’t feel that they were for me.

It was not until I happened to do some internet searches and came about the post degree diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management at UWO. It was a one year program with a hands on placement for 560 hours and sounded perfect for me. Continuing Studies offers students a different experience than having courses at main campus. I personally found that the Continuing Studies staff along with my teachers all really took it upon themselves to help and wanted to see the students succeed.

So far the program has been great. All of our teachers work in the health and safety field and have given us the knowledge that we can now apply in our practicums. One of the key things that I have learned in the health and safety field thus far, is that it is all about networking and increasing your professional contacts.

I am currently in my second week of my practicum at the City of London working alongside the Occupational Health and Safety team under the Human Resources Department. So far the team has welcomed me with open arms and care about my professional development and experience in the health and safety field. I have already met numerous amounts of people and have  built a number of professional contacts. The health and safety team has really advised me to build these relationships with the people I meet along my journey. Networking is an important part of the any field that one gets into. It allows for networking of future job prospects, shared knowledge amongst networks, and to ask questions when issues arise.

So I advise all students not just in occupational health and safety but any program to build those networks and especially keep in touch with your teachers, who for me were my first networks I built in the health and safety field.

My experience in the occupational health and safety management program has been a great one so far. I would love to share more of my experiences with prospective students or anyone interested in the program. So please feel free to contact me about my experience or any questions at




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