A day in the life of an entertainment PR intern

Posted by Sarah Schneider, Diploma in Public Relations candidate (currently in practicum)

After five years of studying media and public relations I managed to somehow get my dream internship at the Mecca of the Canadian media world – Bell Media – in The Comedy Network and SPACE Communications department.

My job mainly consists of assisting the publicists with media mail-outs, press releases, newsletter, schedules, etc., but in between there is the odd on-site assistance job or celebrity run in – we’re talking Daniel Radcliffe live in the MuchMusic studio here, people.

Working at Bell Media is truly a dream for anyone interested in the media industry. Walking around my floor I bypass CTV, InnerSPACE, Bravo and of course Comedy and SPACE. My daily routine (or at least the part you’d be interested in) consists of being asked every morning by the same security guard if I am here to attend the Marilyn Dennis show. Every time I give him the same confused look and proudly reply, “No, I work here,” while coyly flashing him my pass. Then as I partake in my daily duties around the building I encounter CP24, CHUM FM, TSN, BNN, etc. and am inspired by the beautifully, high-strung, it’s the end-of-the-world-if-this-media-release-doesn’t-get-out-yesterday, atmosphere that only a “really serious” media practitioner can appreciate. Most days I am asked to make a copy of a screener so I willingly prance downstairs while pretending that I naturally walk that slow as I pass the hosts of etalk filming live on-set dishing about the latest celebrity gossip. Then on my way home from work I exit beside the MuchMusic studio where they film New.Music.Live everyday at 6 p.m.. The best part about this exit strategy is that I always encounter groves of teenagers who are convinced they are about to become famous while waving to their moms on New.Music.Live. It is in these teenagers’ gleeful spirit that I am reminded everyday why I am so glad I stayed in school for my post grad. Because I used to be one of these teenagers, star-struck just by the site of the Bell Media building (I still slightly am). Little did I know that one day with the help of Continuing Studies at Western’s Public Relations Diploma, I would study media with The Comedy Network/SPACE.


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