The results are in!

This afternoon I had a very interesting thing happen to me; I received an email from someone who had read my first entry on this blog, has applied to both the Marketing and PR post degree programs and is now in the process of making a final decision.

I found this email interesting because as a marketing student, it demonstrates to me that our marketing efforts and online initiatives have been effective in driving people to this blog, capturing their attention and encouraging an action from them. I also found this email interesting because someone was coming to me for advice and guidance pertaining to their career next steps, when only a year ago I was in the same, unsure position that they now find them self in.

As some of you readers might be prospective students, I thought that it would be helpful to share some of the questions that were asked in the email and provide my responses to them.

Q: If you do not have a business undergraduate background, how easily does this program support further mobility in the workforce?

A: I received my undergraduate degree from Western in Sociology and Criminology, and had intentions of going to law school. However, I decided that a business focused program was better suited to help me accomplish my career goals. I think the Marketing program provides an incredible foundation for individuals with no formal business education. However, I have to mention that almost all of my classmates in the Marketing program had done their undergraduate studies in Business. They all felt that program supported and enhanced their previous Marketing course material. I think this program is an incredible resume builder and will equip you with a competitive edge, regardless of previous business education (or lack thereof).

Q: How did you find the classes and workload?

A: The classes are small, intimate and very hands on. The teachers are all marketing professionals by day and marketing teachers by night. They infuse the classes with real-world experiences and great insight. The workload is very manageable. Upon program completion, you will have excellent presentation skills, experience writing a marketing plan (or 10!) and the ability to deliver a successful pitch.

Q:  How far do you think the degree will take you before you might upgrade your education? 

A: Personally, I am not a quantitative person so an MBA is not likely in the cards for me, but I think the Marketing program has given me a great business foundation. I am currently enrolled in another course called  ‘Writing for the Digital Age’, also offered through Continuing Studies. The tag line at continuing studies is “life long learning”, and I embrace this within my own life as well. I think that the Marketing program has provided me with incredible skills that will help me advance in the workforce, but I am not opposed to further enhancing my skill sets through additional certifications and workshops.

Q: Any regrets with the program?

A: None! The course content, teachers, administrative staff and fellow classmates all surpassed my initial expectations.

You have to make the most of EVERY situation in life, and this goes for your post degree education as well. When you enroll into the Marketing program you are introduced to an incredible network of people and exposed to a plethora of resources. It is all about how you engage with and make the most of these. Ultimately, you determine your success and where this educational experience may lead you.

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