We get to do what!?

I am honestly continuously surprised by the amazing things we get to do in the Arts Management program.

Yesterday, with our Foundational Planning class, we got to participate in a cultural planning session with the city of London at City Hall. The two hour session included culture managers from various disciplines within London’s Arts and Heritage community as well as the consultants working on the project.

During the planning session we got to converse with the different culture managers and talk about our views on culture, what we wanted to see more of and what our overall vision of culture in London was. I was so impressed by the level of commitment and dedication these culture managers demonstrated during this preliminary meeting. They all seemed genuinely passionate about changing the cultural landscape in the city of London.

At the beginning of the evening I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable. I felt completely out of my league and that I would be unable to contribute anything worthwhile to these discussions we were about to have.

As soon as the discussion began, however, I started to feel more at ease. The ideas flowing at my table from the culture managers seemed familiar to me, and the more I thought about it the more I realized that I had had this discussion somewhere before. Several times, in fact, in almost every single class from this past year. All of a sudden, a wave of confidence came over me as I realized that all of my classes had been preparing me for a moment similar to this. A moment where I would be able to take all of the knowledge and skills that I had learned in this program and put it to use in a practical sense.

But how amazing, right? That through this program we got to participate in something as relevant as a culture plan for the city we live in. And that our ideas and opinions were actually heard and valued in that room full of culture managers.

I have never felt more confident that this program was the right choice for me, and that what I am learning is valuable for where I hope to be in the future. This amazing experience opened up a whole new world of arts management, one that I had never even considered until sitting in that room with all of those amazing individuals.

Again, if you have any questions for me regarding the program please do not hesitate to email me directly at ldavie7@uwo.ca.

Lauren Davies


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