Exactly Where I Want To Be

It’s been almost a month since the courses have ended for the Arts Management Program, and I have already experienced more than I could’ve imagined in my first three weeks of my Practicum. I’ve gotten a position at the Grand Theatre in London in the Marketing Department, where I’ve been accepted from all staff members. My supervisor, the Director of Marketing, has taught for the Arts Management program before and knows exactly what I should be capable of based on my course work. And I have to say, I’ve done and learned more in these three weeks than I have in the entire program of Continuing Studies.

Don’t get me wrong, the courses were amazing and gave every student very important skills needed to work in this industry, and daily, I am using what I have learnt over the past 8 months. The difference here is that this is real time, real money, real people, and real data that I am working with. My supervisor has also been giving me lots of time to pick his brain and show me how the Grand Theatre does their marketing and more importantly, why they do it that way.

I’ve been given a few projects already that I am going to be working with for my practicum. All of the projects have been mentioned during class time, but were not explained on an advanced level. I will be able to learn so much more than I did in the classroom.  Also, my skills have been put to the test as my Supervisor expects more from me since he knows what I am capable of through the course work of the Arts Management Program. I’ve enjoyed finally being able to do what I’ve learned about for so long and do it in such an environment that I can ask questions, make mistakes, and prove myself as a valuable member of their Marketing Team.

Without the Continuing Studies Arts Management program, I honestly don’t think I would have ever been given this opportunity to work in the field so quickly after classes had ended. Experience is everything, and this practicum is giving me just that. I’m implementing skills that I have gained through the program, constantly learning new things every day, and finding a sense of belonging in the industry that I want my future career to be in.  

If you have any questions about the Arts Management Program or about Practicums feel free to contact me at mferri9@uwo.ca.


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