Not-For-Profit Management – Make a difference in Life

-There are an estimated 165,000 nonprofits and charities in Canada
-2 million people are employed by these organizations representing 11.1% of the economically active population
-The nonprofit sector represents $106 billion or 7.1% of the GDP (larger than the automotive or manufacturing industries)

Welcome to the Nonprofit World!

My name is April Chu. I am the 2012-2013 student ambassador of the Not-for-Profit Management diploma program offered by the Continuing Studies Department at Western University. I will be writing blog posts biweekly and tell everything you want to know about the NFPM program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any interests and questions about this program. I’m willing to share my experience with you.

First, let me introduce myself a little bit. I studied psychology for my undergrad and educational Psychology for my post grad. I worked for two years and felt it’s time for me to go back to school again. Now I’m studying this program on a full-time basis, and I enjoy sitting in the classroom and spending time on the learning process. And the greatest thing is we have a very diverse learning group in the program this year. We have people from different culture background and academic background. Sharing experience and learning from each other is always my favorite thing in the class.

In my first post, I would like to share some thoughts I had before I choose to do this program:

(1) Why choose to do a program in NFPM?
I have several working experience in the business world. I worked in the Disney World in the U.S. And I spent the last two years worked in for-profit companies in China. So I don’t have much experience in nonprofits. But I do want to pursue a career in the nonprofit world in the future. And I have to admit that the job market right now in Canada is really tough. I have friends who did the same master’s program with me and still cannot find a job with that degree. So I believe that I have to have something competitive and specific to knock that door and enter the nonprofit world. Taking a professional NFPM program is the next things that came out of my mind.

(2) Why NFPM here in Western Continuing Study?
I did a lot of research on where to study NFPM and I really like the courses that Western offers. Those courses cover a large range of topics in nonprofits, such as fundraising, board and governance, event planning and public relation, and especially, they have a 560-hour practicum that really attracts me. I’ll give you more details about the practicum when I start to do it next year. If you want to know more about the program, you can go to this page:

In my next post, I would like to talk about the courses I’m taking for this term. Hope you enjoy my post.

Again, I’m open to everyone who is interested in this program. My e-mail is


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